Saturday, April 26, 2014

Interview Asasi Alam Bina 2014/2015

stresss!!!!!!! naseb selesai dgn lancar. wua wua wua

Tuesday, April 22, 2014


Dah 2014 la wei, April dh pun, nak masuk Mei pulak tu. wawawawa

march haritu kuar result. cuba teka afiqah dapat brape? blurp blurp..

hahaha taktau nk cakap ape lagi. sekarang tunggu upu. pilihan 1 sampai 4 tak dapat. hahahaha pasrah je ler. 
ok bye adios

Tuesday, December 3, 2013


dah 2013!! nak masuk 2014 dah pun!! spm pun dah habes, baru bukak belog balek. haaaaa
tu je nak ckp.. salam ceria malam!!!
rutin baru kite..
hahahaha ok bye

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Anime Freak!

I'm loving one piece~

Monkey D. Luffy, Roronoa Zoro, Sanji, Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Robin, Brooke, Franky >,<

^ our captain ^

awww sanji my love

jeoooooooonggggg minnnnn :-*

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Ukiss' Dongho's FACTS

  • "My English is not that bad. But my hyungs came from different countries which made my English look bad". -Dongho

  • "DongHo might be really annoying at times, but he's a really kind-hearted person deep inside." -- Xander.

  • "When DongHo watches zombie movies, he dreams about it. Haha!" - SooHyun.

  • Members said that Kevin is a bad influence to their maknae, DongHo, as DongHo started dancing girly.

  • "When one member becomes sick or unwell, we worry a lot and visit him." – DongHo.

  • DongHo envies how SooHyun can sing very high notes while he can't

  • "If Eli hyung gets hungry, we always feed him bird seeds." -DongHo

  • DongHo has his own little world where he dances all alone in the middle of nowhere

  • "Im more of a listener than a talker." - DongHo

  • "We love watching Zombie movies, except for DongHo cause he don't like them. Zombies don't like him as well!" - SooHyun

  • DongHo love love LOVES stuffed teddy bears. His favorite is Winnie The Pooh.

  • "This kid is really hard to handle" -- Kibum's talking about Dongho

  • Dongho used to hesitate about singing ballad songs due to his voice cracking

  • Kevin was crying while singing the song End of the Road ... and Dongho calm him down.

  • Dongho showers mostly about 10 minutes long or more

  • Dongho once played Sistar's Push Push in the car and Kevin sang to it while Kibum and Dongho danced

  • "If kids at my age want to grow tall, we have to sleep a lot, If I wake up like this, I wont be growing any taller" -- Dongho

  • Dongho dogs name is 'BBO BBO'.

  • Member closest to Eli is Dongho.

  • When have the free time, Dongho will play with his PSP.

  • Dongho often do not pay attention to his hyung.

  • Dongho like to play around his hyung

  • Kevin likes blue color and Dongho likes pink color -__-"

  • "My shoulders are a hidden beauty." - DongHo

  • Kevin, SooHyun, DongHo, and Alexander like natural girls (no plastic surgery) but with great personalities.

  • According to Dongho, the meanest thing Kevin has said to Dongho till today is "IDIOT"

  • Dongho is happy just by smelling of money

  • Alexander: "Dongho, your dog just pooped..." Dongho: "Why is everyone looking for me when the dog poops and pees...urgh"

  • Dongho and IU good friends. IU is Dongho’s ideal type, but that’s just it.

  • Dongho plays Warcraft and probably other online games.

  • Dongho likes to eat meat.

  • DongHo made up words on the word STUPID: Super Talented Unique Person In Demand; And he thinks that he is STUPID in his own way.

  • Dongho plays golf well

  • "I'm sorry, I love u, these words r hard to say, since u've given me this chance, i want to say "I Love U" to my mom" -- Dongho

  • When they're playing around at the beach, Kibum threw Dongho's slipper to the sea

  • Kevin and Xander loves hugging their fans. DongHo on the other hand, is a shy one

  • Kevin and Dongho were ranked 37th and 38th male idols that has the best eye smile.

  • Of all members, Alexander, Kevin and DongHo has NEVER had girlfriends.

  • Dongho has a crab allergy.

  • "The laziest person to wake up is none other than the maknae, DongHo." - Kevin

  • Dongho's mom is the lady who acted as Kevin's mom on 'Not young' MV