Wednesday, February 16, 2011


My Top 11 Best Drama Couples
(by Afiqah, dengan kerjasama Ainul Hanis)

1. Playful Kiss- Baek Seung Jo [Kim Hyun Joong] & Oh Ha Ni [Jung So Min]

2. Dreamhigh- Jason [2PM's Wooyoung] & Kim Pilsook [IU]

3. My Girl- Gong Chan [Lee Dong Wook] & Yoo Rin [Lee Da Hae]

4. Full House- Young Jae [Rain] & Han Ji Eun [Song Hye Kyo]

5. Paradise Ranch- Dong Jo [DBSK's Changmin] & Da Ji [Lee Yeon Hee]

6. Boys Over Flower- Yoon Ji Hoo [Kim Hyun Joong:-P] & Geum Jan Di [Koo Hye Sun]

*i hate GOO JUN PYO!*

7. Princess Hours- Shin [Joo Ji Hoon] & Chaekyung [Yoon Eun Hye]

8. Secret Garden- Oska [Yoon Sang Hyun] & Seul [Kim Sa Rang]

9. Last Friends- Sousuke [Ryo Nishikido Y_Y] & Michiru [Nagasawa Masami]

To Michiru,

Farewell, Michiru,
I set you free,
As long as i'm living,
I will tie you down.
the only way i can free you,
is to stop this heart,
I wanted,
to become everything to you,
The whole world you looked at,
all the light shining on you,
I wanted to be,
all the happiness that you felt,
Where ever,
I wanted,
to be one with you.
But you've,
found happiness,
in a world without me, haven't you ? ,
So i'm going,
at least,
while your warmth,
is left on these hands...
While this body still remembers,
becoming one with you.
I'm sorry,
for not being able to make you smile,
even though i love your smiling face.
I'm sorry,
for not knowing,
how to love,
I'm sorry,
for not,
being able to bring you happiness,
so long.
be happy.

10. Proposal Daisakusen- Ken [Yamashita Tomohisa] & Rei [Nagasawa Masami]

11. 1 litre Of Tears- Haruto Asou [Ryo Nishikido] & Ikeuchi Aya [Sawajiri Erika]

"I'm not a dolphin. You, you're also not a dolphin. If you want to walk, no matter how slowly it will be, I'll walk with you. Right now, I'm not be that reliable. One day, maybe I'll be able to help. Things can't be the same as they were before, but there's this kind of feeling that's linking us together, I don't think if we living in the different world.

I don't know what's going to happen in the future. But right now, what I'm feeling is 100% not a lie. I say that with confident. For me, as long as it's you saying it, it doesn't matter how slowly you say it, I'll still listen. If you can't talk over the phone, then I'll come to see you, just like this."

HIHI :">

*my precious RYO*

p/s TEHA; don't you dare to kutuk my precious!!

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